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Supported by EIT Food - The Regenerative Agriculture Revolution

Funding: EIT Food and the European Union

Coordinator: EIT Food

Time period: 2022-2024

Consortium partners: The Agroecological Network Association

The Regenerative Agriculture Revolution - EIT Food


A training program is launched by the Agroecology Network Association and ÖMKi. The Hungarian implementation of the EIT Food-supported Regenerative Agriculture Revolution program is undertaken by the Hungarian Agroecology Network Association (Agroökológia Magyarország) in cooperation with ÖMKi.    

EIT Food has already launched this program in Spain, and it is currently running simultaneously in several EU countries (Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia). Throughout the 3-year program, every year will include training new farmers and providing professional support for their transition.

As part of agroecology, regenerative agriculture is a system of farming principles and practices that enhance biodiversity, enrich soil, improve groundwater and surface water quality, and conserve and support ecosystem services. The main objective of regenerative agriculture is to restore soil functions and healthy biota through the reduction of soil disturbance, the conscious use of soil building management practices, the use of cover crops, the optimisation of crop rotation and where possible, the integration of grazing animals. It will help build resilience of agriculture to extreme weather events and climate change, and will also lead to an increase in the health and vitality of rural communities, as well as reducing farm costs in the medium term.

In the 3-year program:

  • 2-day training per year for at least 30 farmers,
  • 6 of whom will be selected for transition and will receive specialist support throughout

The ÖMKi is involved in the following tasks:

- training

- communication

- advisory services

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2022. September 21.

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2019. June 25.

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