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International projects
Farmer's Pride

Our global product supply rely on just a few, commonly cultivated plants, which are vulnerable to the increasingly extreme and unpredictable effects of climate change.

organic, organic agriculture, climate change, sustainable, landscape, organic food


On-farm beekeeping research network

Today the honeybee parasite Varroa mite (Varroa destructor) causes the most serious economic damages to beekeepers. Varroa mite directly interferes into the life of bee colonies by feeding on the body fluid of bee larvae and imagos resulting in smaller, underdeveloped bees and shorter lifespan. In addition, the mite also spreads viruses, and by weakening the bee colony it makes bees susceptible to other pathogens as well. Through false orientation, robbing or the relocation of combs mites may get into new bee colonies. 

on-farm research, honeybee, varroe mite, organic honey


International projects
Organic seed -

The aim of this four-year EU research project is to enhance organic seed use and plant breeding, thus increasing the performance and sustainability of organic farming.

ömki, LIVESEED, seed, organic farming, eco, sustainability, organic, organic agriculture, agriculture, plant breeding


International projects
Advisory network - i2connect

The i2connect project aims to fuel the competencies of advisors supporting interactive innovation processes to respond to multiple challenges in European agriculture and forestry. 



organic farming, organic agriculture, sustainable, i2connect, advisory


International projects
Copper replacement - RELACS

As a system approach to sustainable agriculture, organic farming aims to effectively manage ecological processes whilst lowering dependence on off-farm inputs. 



ömki, organic farming, organic, organic agriculture, sustainable, relacs


International projects

Solarvibes is a project funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation of the EU.

ömki, organic farming, organic, organic agriculture, climate change, agricultural technology, eco-farming, organic crops



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