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Climate-smart solutions across Europe - Climate Farm Demo

Funding: Funded by the European Commission, Horizon Europe programme

Coordinator: Institut de l'Élevage (IDELE)

Time period: October 2022 – October 2029

Consortium partners: 

Climate Farm Demo project is supported by 60 partners 28 countries all in the pedo-climatic areas.

A European-wide network of pilot farmers implementing and demonstrating climate-smart solutions for a carbon-neutral Europe    

Climate Farm Demo will strengthen European farmers’ capacities to implement, demonstrate and uptake Climate Smart Farming (CSF) practices across the EU and reduce their GHG emissions by 35% during the project life thus achieving the EU 2030 Climate Target Plan.

Therefore, Climate Farm Demo overall aims to first (1) network Pilot-Demo-Farmers (PDFs) to boost climate smart farming knowledge exchange and cross fertilisation among agricultural sectors and EU and national Agriculture Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS), then (2) support and advise Pilot-Demo-Farmers in implementing and demonstrating the Climate Smart Farming practices to increase innovation uptake and finally, (3) to incentivise the adoption of Climate Smart Farming practices across Europe thanks to standardized methodologies and relevant rewarding mechanisms that will support farmers in their systemic transition. To achieve its aim, the project will pursue the following sub-objectives

Climate Farm Demo objectives:

  • Build and manage a well-connected network of 1,500 Pilot Demo Farmers (PDFs) and Climate Farm Advisors (CFAs) covering 24 EU Member States, 2 associated countries & Switzerland,
  • Support 1,500 Pilot Demo Farmers, through tailored, regular and long-term advice, in planning, implementing and monitoring their farm Adaptation and Mitigation Measures (AMM)
  • Support the delivery of 4,500 high-quality demonstration events in a multi-actor setting in the 1,500 PDFs during 6 annual demonstration campaigns in 27 EU countries
  • To co-create a set of new and innovative CSF solutions in 10 multi-actor Living Labs (LL)
  • Build a common framework on adaptation & mitigation
  • Analyse rewarding mechanisms
  • Build a network of (i) related EU projects, (ii) Flagship EU initiatives and (iii) Policy makers (at EU and national levels) to give visibility to the project
  • Develop Dissemination, Exploitation, and Communication (DEC) plans and an integrated knowledge reservoir (KR)

ÖMKi is involved in the following tasks:

ÖMKi is a partner in the project with its ’Soil building technologies’ Living Lab  with which it will co-Innovate and co-design organic soil-improving, herbicide-free agricultural methods (reduced-till) together with farmers, advisors and machinery providers as part of the project’s living lab network.

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On 15th May 2019 we took part in a professional day that included a farm visit in Serbia organized by the Ministry of Agriculture of Hungary and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Hungary. The main topics of the event were the digitization of agriculture and the field demonstration of precision farming. The participants included professionals who are interested in these topics.



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