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Management - project management - communication

Dr. Dóra Drexler


Plant physician,
Landscape architect, MSc, PhD
+36 20 346 9120

I received my MSc degree in landscape architecture at the University of Horticulture, Budapest, and acquired my PhD at the Department of Landscape Ecology of the Technical University Munich. Starting with 2010, I worked at the Swiss Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) for half a year, and in 2011, I took part in founding the Hungarian Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (ÖMKi) which I lead as Director till today. I was awarded honorary associate professorship by the University of Debrecen and received the Péter Sárközy medal for achievements in organic agriculture. I acquired an additional MSc degree in plant protection at the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Since 2020 I am vice president of IFOAM Organics Europe and Steering Committee Member of TP Organics. I have three children, and according to my colleagues ÖMKi is my fourth one.

Ilona Timárné Deibler

economic manager

Economist, MSc
+36 1 244 8358

I got my degree as an economist from the Carl Marx University of Economy in 1985. While I was still in education, and afterwards, I tried my hand jobs in various areas of business and enterprise, from the bottom to the top of the hierarchy. As I always had ideas about how to implement changes, and in my experience, the most practical way of doing this is from a management position, for which I already had both the experience and qualifications. I managed the economic activities at several companies between 1987 and 2000. In 2000, I took a sharp turn and found a job in public administration. First I worked in the economic regulation of news communication, then I moved into an economic management position again between 2002 and 2019, but this time in the public sector. In the spring of 2019, the winds changed and blew me towards ÖMKi. I found myself in a really friendly team and together we are striving to steer our world towards sustainable development.

Dr. Fruzsina Szira

research project manager

Biologist, PhD
+36 20 321 5383

I graduated as a biologist at the University of Szeged, then I started working in the field of plant genetics and agribiotechnology. I finished my PhD and for many years I tried to find practice-oriented applied research within the conventional framework, but I was not really successful. I was wandering around like Odysseus, until ÖMKi found me. In my opinion ÖMKi is a great example how we can construct practical research from abstract concepts such as sustainable agriculture economy or food production. My main role is the coordination and financial management of our international grants at organizational level.

Bence Takács

office manager, project assistant

Horticulturist, BSc
Agronomist in environmental management, MSc
+36 30 427 3647

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in horticulture in 2013 from Szent István University (formerly Corvinus University of Budapest), with a specialization in the cultivation of medicinal herbs. I received my master’s degree in agronomics in environmental management from Szent István University in 2015. I wrote both my theses on medicinal herbs and the active substance content of tea infusions made of them. Since a very young age, I have been fascinated in gardening, the use of medicinal herbs and their pharmacological effects, as well as plant care. I also do garden design, landscaping and maintenance. I am committed to protecting the environment, and I practice chemical-free herb, vegetable and fruit cultivation. At ÖMKi my tasks include formal proofreading of published materials and managing issues surrounding the background activities of our current projects.

Szilvia Szalai

accounting, finances, controlling

Chartered Accountant, economist, BSc
+36 20 972 2116

Thanks to my technical training and qualifications I was able to start working in an area really close to me.

As a chartered accountant I carry out the full tax and accounting duties. I received my degree at the Department of Financial Accounting at Zsigmond Király College, which helped me to broaden the range and scope of my business by providing additional financial and controlling services.

At ÖMKi, besides bookkeeping, payroll, and tax reporting, I help develop and maintain the economic framework of the projects as a controller, and I support predictability by providing an up-to-date and transparent financial system.


Jade Ducretot

communication associate
+36 30 258 6436

I graduated from the Budapest College of Communication (now called Metropolitan University) in tourism and catering. In addition to my postgraduate studies, I have been collecting practical experience in as many areas as possible. This has given me an insight into the world of tourism development, the hotel industry, international relations, health tourism, and the marketing agency sector. I have worked in various fields to develop communication channels, and in my current position I strive to make more people aware of the importance of organic farming. In my daily life I find it very important to eat healthily. I think it is crucial to choose local, healthy, seasonal products and I share opinions about cooking with these ingredients on my blog.


Dr. Szilvia Bencze

research lead

Biologist, Ph.D
+36 20 381 7785

Being oriented toward nature and animals it was not a question to me to choose Ecology faculty and graduate as a Biologist at the Kossuth University and later receive a Ph.D degree at Eötvös University in the field of Biology (Ecology). All my studies and activities since, including my stay at Lund university and the 20 year-work at Agricultural Institute in Martonvásár, in the field of climate change, agroecological research and plant breeding just brought me closer to the real aim of the intension of promoting the sustainable way of modern agriculture. This I have found in the work done at ÖMKi. Here my main areas of interest are the research done on ancient wheat species and their landraces, participatory research in on-farm testing, the use and participatory breeding of organic heterogenous materials.

Dr. Éva Borbélyné Hunyadi

research lead

Agronomist, PhD
+36 20 374 7472

I received a degree in crop production engineering (GATE, Szarvas, 1988), then in general agronomy (DATE, Debrecen, 1995), after which I spent almost 10 years in the agricultural production sector, primarily working in plant production. After this, I worked in agricultural higher education for over 15 years. My areas of teaching and research were both connected to organic farming. I received my PhD in 2002 from the Doctoral School for Crop Production and Horticulture. As a researcher  at ÖMKi, I work in the field of organic cultivation technologies of high-protein plants in the on-farm research program for arable crops.

Judit Fehér

research lead

Biologist, MSc
+36 30 147 0426

I graduated as a biologist at the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, in 2005. Although I’ve spent the first 6 years of my professional life in the field of immunology research, the protection of the environment and sustainable agriculture have always been important to me. In 2010, we started a family farm and collecting and growing landraces and traditional varieties. In 2012, with some likeminded friends we’ve set up Magház, a civil network for agricultural diversity. My professional life and personal interest finally united when I started to work at ÖMKi in 2017. My main tasks are concentrated around seeds, agrobiodiversity management and related policy issues.

Mihály Földi

research lead

Horticulturist, MSc
+36 20 975 7483

As a gardening student, I committed to organic when I came across Alwin Seifert's book, Gardening Without Toxins. Later, as a young horticultural engineer, I met Bandi Parádi, the founder of former Bioculture, in the famous organic garden (OMÉK, 1988), who asked me to join them. This is when my relationship with the bioculture movement began, and I was involved in building it up and established a local group in my hometown. At first, organic farming was only a hobby in the garden and was basically for self-sustenance. Later, as part of the compensation, my family started using the land again to grow organic crops. I pursued my professional training in the same spirit, and I wrote my thesis on biological plant protection based on my own experience. Later on, I had the opportunity to work for several years in various fields of organic farming. From the beginning of the nineties, I paid my dues on our family farm and I also worked in national control, and later in sectoral public administration (supervision of organic farming) where I served as a civil servant representing Hungary. I have been working at ÖMKi since 2012, where I mainly manage grain variety tests

Orsolya Papp

research lead

Horticulturist, MSc
+36 20 321 7014

I graduated as a horticultural Engineer in 2001 from the former University of Horticulture and Food Industry in Budapest. After my studies, I spent a few years on botanical research, which I consider to be an important foundation for organic farming, as my studies focused on natural ecological systems. For three years I managed the Pangea Association's Breuer László Training Center in Bakony (Pénzesgyőr), where, as well as managing and maintaining the seven-hectare mixed organic demonstration garden, I conducted forest school classes and taught bio-horticulture. In the Krishna Valley of Somogyvámos, I was the leader of the production unit of organic vegetables for commercial purposes and a consultant for self-supply vegetable and fruit production units. I also managed the organic vegetable garden of the Zöldtanya at Szeged-Sziksóstó, which also operated as a community garden. At ÖMKi, I work as an officer of organic fruit, vegetable and medicinal herb cultivation, organizing research, training and professional advisory services.

Balázs Labus

research project lead

IT expert and agronomist in management
+36 30 260 4418

In 2014, I graduated from the Faculty of Horticulture at Budapest Corvinus University as an IT expert and administrative agricultural engineer. I had always been looking for an opportunity to work on the connection emerging between nature and technology in the service of sustainability. From simple imaging, I deepened my knowledge as a development engineer in the field of remote sensing, specializing in multi- and hyperspectral cameras and aerial photography, and then in application engineering. At ÖMKi I work in the exciting field of touch-free and non-destructive sampling, mainly in precision projects, the development of plant protection monitoring and the development of a variety evaluation methods.

Bence Trugly

research project lead

Agronomist in Environmental Management,
Plant Physician MSc
+36 20 296 3229

In 2016 I graduated from the Faculty of Horticulture at Szent István University (formerly Corvinus University of Budapest) with a bachelor’s degree in environmental management, and in January 2019 I obtained a master’s degree in herbal medicine. Ever since I was a child I have always felt very close to nature, and during my studies I was confronted with how much damage humanity is doing to the natural world. I feel it is my job to change this so that future generations can experience the diverse and fascinating wildlife that surrounds us. I am currently responsible for the professional coordination of the RELACS, DiverIMPACTS and Solarvibes projects at ÖMKi and for implementing product development opportunities.

Korinna Varga

research project lead

Agronomist, MSc in Environmental Policy
Expert in agroecology and agricultural policy
+36 30 171 8291

I was raised with an environmentally friendly attitude and a love of nature that stayed with me through my high school years. But before I fully embraced the spirit of organic and sustainable agriculture, I took a minor detour in 2012 in communication and media studies. I graduated as an agricultural engineer in 2015 in English language at Szent István University. I gained experience through community-supported agriculture and by volunteering in France for six months. This trip was one of the defining elements that broadened my horizons, and in France I had gained insights into the workings of several organic farms and contributed to production through practical work. I started working at ÖMKi in 2017. I was responsible for communications, PR and media coverage, dissemination of international projects, and coordination of the PLAID and LIVESEED projects in Hungary. In the meantime, I completed a Master’s degree in environmental policy at the Central European University, and since 2019 I have been supporting the ÖMKi team as a researcher. I coordinate the thematic working group on agro-ecological intensification and sustainable yields within the BIOEAST Central-Eastern Europe Initiative. I also coordinate the GO-GRASS project, which explores new opportunities for grassland management and green fodder production.

Dániel Ganszky


Biologist, MSc
+36 20 228 6602

I graduated in 2015 from the University of Dundee, at the Faculty of Biology. Thanks to my research teachers at the James Hutton Institute not far from Dundee, I fell in love with plant biology. My research area there was studying the mechanics of Phytophthora capsici infection manifested in potatoes.

Then in 2017 I received a master’s degree from the University of Gothenburg, Faculty of Biology. There I sought to expand my knowledge on plant biology and the environment. As part of the research for my master's thesis, I studied the climate sensitivity of tropical rainforests as part of a team in Rwanda.

In autumn 2019 I returned home and since then I have been trying to use the knowledge I gained abroad at ÖMKi. I currently provide scientific support for the SolACE and RELACS projects.

Emese Gyöngyösi


Agronomist, MA in Regional and environmental economics

I graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences of Szent István University in 2014, majoring in agro-environmental engineering. During my master's studies, rural development and short supply chains became the focus of my interest. It is extremely important to me to support initiatives that help people living a busy metropolitan life access fresh and chemical-free food. As an organizing member of a small-scale farmers’ market, I encourage locals to purchase healthy, organic food from secure and ethical sources. At ÖMKi, I am involved in Co-Fresh project as well as in the cultivation technology research of landrace tomatoes.

Tina Kovács


Okleveles agrármérnök
+36 30 425 7164

Bár 2012-ben végeztem agrármérnökként a Ljubljanai Egyetemen, mégis Indiában, egy oktatási és kutatóközpont önkénteseként eltöltött egy év ébresztett rá, hogy mennyire nélkülözhetetlen eleme a Földünk megóvásában a helyben termesztett és fogyasztott bioélelmiszer. Éppen ezért tanulmányaimat azon a Maribori Egyetemen folytattam, ahol Szlovéniában egyedülálló módon Biogazdálkodás mesterképzést is indítanak. Különböző ösztöndíjak és nemzetközi projektek keretein belül olyan neves intézetekben szerezhettem további szakmai tapasztalatot, mint a szlovéniai Fenntartható Fejlődés Intézete, a dániai Aarhus Egyetem, az osztrák Arche Noah, vagy a magyarországi Ökológiai Mezőgazdasági Kutatóintézet. Miután megismerkedtem az ÖMKi on-farm kutatásával és a lelkes és elkötelezett munkatársaival, nem volt kérdés, hogy 2016-ban itt kezdjem el a PhD kutatómunkámat, melynek témája a terepi spektrometria alkalmazása a kisgabonák minőségvizsgálatában. Hogy minél jobban megismerjem a magyarországi természetet és tájat, szabadidőmben az Országos Kéktúra turista mozgalomhoz csatlakozva is igyekszem bejárni az országot.

Barbara Török

research assistant

Organic farming engineer MSc

I graduated as organic farming engineer (MSc) in 2019, at the Szent István University of Gödöllő. Previously I completed the bachelor's degree on animal husbandry engineering at the same University. Through the education I gained basic knowledge of organic farming and besides the studies, also enjoyed working as an event organizer. I was pleased to join ÖMKi's team in the summer of 2020. My current role is a research assistant and I'm eager to gain as much experience as possible, and hope that with my work I will be able to contribute towards a more sustainable future.

Dr. Ádám Donkó

independent expert

Horticulturist, PhD
+36 20 380 3711

I graduated from the Faculty of Horticulture at Corvinus University of Budapest in 2010 with a degree in Horticulture (majoring in viticulture). As part of my thesis, we conducted a comparative study of different soil management methods in the Tokaj wine region. I continued my studies from 2010 at the Doctoral School of Horticultural Sciences. In addition to soil care experiments, my PhD research was focused on the mycorrhizal connections of grapes in four wine regions with six different grape varieties and different cultivation technologies. At ÖMKi, I have been able to move forward in the direction I set out on at university, as we are conducting a comparative study of the cover crop of a multiple species in seven wine regions.


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