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Advisory network - i2connect

Grant programme: Horizon 2020-EU., European Union

Coordinated by:: L’Assemblee permanente des Chambres d'agriculture, France

Start date: 1 November 2019 - End date: 31 October 2024

Partners in the consortium: The i2connect project represents 24 organisations from 20 European countries, with several partners also involving additional third parties

The i2connect project aims to fuel the competencies of advisors supporting interactive innovation processes to respond to multiple challenges in European agriculture and forestry.     

Interactive innovation is a process in which actors with complementary knowledge (practical, entrepreneurial, scientific, etc.) work together to develop solutions to specific challenges, make them ready to be put into practice and disseminate results to a wider audience. Interactive innovation includes existing knowledge which is not always scientific. It encourages co-creation of practical knowledge and innovative practices.

The expected impacts of the project include an improved networking and peer-to-peer learning of advisors, stimulate the interactive role of advisors in driving innovation and provide a set of best practices for advisors, thus building a balanced and comprehensive EU-wide advisory network; increased impact of advisors in strengthening knowledge flows between scientific research and practical implementation for more productive and sustainable agricultural practices and rural development; improved education through the development of efficient materials and specific training systems for advisors to help preserve practical knowledge in the long-term.

What are the project’s specific objectives?

  • To strengthen the skills, competencies and attitudes of advisors to support interactive innovation, by identifying and sharing best practices, developing tools and methods, training, and organising peer to peer learning & networking;
  • To enhance and profile the role of advisors in interactive innovation processes, at different scales: by a better understanding of the AFKIS* at country level, by identifying providers of advisory services across Europe, by creating an enabling environment within advisory services, by better connecting and embedding advisory services within the AFKIS and by appropriate public policies;
  • To create a social support network and a networking culture among advisors facilitating innovative innovation processes.

* AFKIS: agriculture and forestry knowledge and innovation systems

ÖMKI is associated with the project as a third party partner of FiBL Europe. We participate in several work packages and activities, and we constantly follow the professional work. In the first step, we will contribute to the task of “Develop and implement the reflective capitalisation tool on networking and peer-to-peer learning”. In the second work package, we will be involved in the activity “Identify and analyse best practices to foster/support interactive innovation in agriculture and forestry”, in which we will contribute to the collection and evaluation of case studies. In work package four, our task is to participate in professional visits, trainings and networking activities. An important function of ÖMKi in the project is to organize an international conference with a location in Hungary.

This project has been funded with support from the European Union's Horizon 2020 program under GA 863039.

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