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2023. January 23.

NewsWhat was New in Organic Agriculture in 2022?

2022 was full of extra challenges for Hungarian agriculture as a whole. However, the difficulties again show that in a rapidly changing world, future-proof agroecological production methods are extremely valuable, and provide a reliable reference point. More EU and domestic resources than ever before have been made available to Hungarian farmers for organic production and transition, and the Hungarian Organic Action Plan, which came into effect in 2022, is encouraging further development in the sector. The Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (ÖMKi) is strengthening domestic knowledge transfer and the sustainability revolution through its wide-ranging and expanding research, as well as its growing role in EU projects.

biofach, agrobiodiversity, fibl, animal breeding, organic plant breeding

2022. November 9.

FiBL: Visiting Friends of Agrobiodiversity Across Europe

A tour to explore how organic plant breeding contributes to sustainable food systems

The publication takes readers on a journey to 15 organic plant and animal breeding initiatives in Europe. Every initiative is presented by a person involved in the initiative. For each initiative, the aims and challenges are described. The selected examples give a good insight into the great diversity of initiatives to maintain and promote biodiversity in organic crops and animal species.

agrobiodiversity, fibl, animal breeding, organic plant breeding

2022. November 9.

Research summary of "Development of complex technology for organic and low-input soy production"

A criteria system for assessing the suitability of soybean varieties for organic production

sustainability, organic soybean cultivation, organic cultivation

2022. November 8.

ÖMKi: Our food supply can be made more sustainable by developing local supply chains and reducing waste

October 16 is World Food Day and World Bread Day

In preparation for World Food Day, which is celebrated together with World Bread Day on 16 October, the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (ÖMKi) is promoting the consumption of healthy foods, the preservation of our food security, and the production of high-quality, local organic foods. The latest results of ÖMKi’s nationwide, small-plot winter wheat variety tests have recently been published and have the potential to further increase the proportion of wheat grown under organic cultivation on Hungary’s arable land, as well as the range of products made from organic wheat flour in domestic bakeries and on consumers' tables.

sustainable, healthy food, research, World Food Day, World Bread Day, reducing waste, local supply chains, food security, agro-food system, organic cultivation

2022. August 18.

First event international presence – LIFE VineAdapt partners travel to Hungary for several days

In the second year of the project, the international project partners from Hungary, Austria, France, and Germany were finally able to meet on-site in a partner country. The goal of the three-day trip was to visit the project sites in Hungary.

2022. August 9.

In times of global crisis, the development of sustainable food systems is more important than ever

Lessons from the 33rd BIOFACH international organic fair

ömki, organic agriculture, biofach, Agricultural policies, war, Organic targets, CEE region, drought, organic import-export, CAP strategies, Czech Republic, Albania, Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine



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