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Tillage technologies

The development and evaluation of soil-improving, herbicide-free agricultural methods (reduced-till, ground cover, soil-loosening) in field crop production

As in most European countries, soil erosion has worsened in Hungary in recent years. Although overall humus content has not fallen further in recent years, thanks to changes in tillage practices and the more widespread adoption of non-rotary tillage methods, this is only true on the gross average. In addition, halting the decline only means maintaining an already reduced level. It is therefore necessary to further develop and implement not only soil maintenance systems, but also systems of soil replenishment.

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  • The development of humus-preserving and humus-replenishing crop rotation in organic and conventional farming, as part of an on-farm research project, with recommendations on which local plant species and varieties to use;
  • Establishing a ground-covering, mulch-based, sustainable and energy-saving tillage system, with particular focus on avoiding the use of indiscriminate herbicides, and integration into an organic farming system;
  • Developing more effective applications of green-manure crops within open-field crop rotation.

Expected results

  • Wider spread of tillage cultivation systems and the increased use of soil cover and green manure.
  • Practical demonstrations and field days (60-80 attendees) for conventional and organic farmers, researchers, seed producers, distributors, suppliers of agrotechnical equipment and input material.
  • Online information and printed booklets on the practical implementation of new technology.

Magyar Nemzeti Vidéki Hálózat

The implementation of the research is supported by Hungarian National Rural Network (MNVH):

Contact person

Dr. Judit Berényi Üveges

research project lead

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