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Sustainable agriculture
is our mission

Our professional goals

  • To increase the number of organic farmers and the area of organic fields
  • To advance organic farming though Hungarian and international research
  • To promote the authenticity of organic agriculture with independent scientific results
  • To increase the competitiveness of organic farming
  • To provide quality services for sustainable agriculture
  • To provide education and authentic information based on facts
  • To promote cooperation and dialogues between operators in the public and private sector involved in organic agriculture

The Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (ÖMKi) is the only research institute in Hungary that specializes in organic agriculture. It was established in 2011 with the aim of promoting the improvement and more widespread use of organic agriculture in Hungary.

Why is organic agriculture so important?

As a result of the global environmental, social and economic challenges, the research and development of sustainable food production has become a crucial area in the scientific landscape.

What are these challanges?

  • The global population is expected to exceed 9 billion people by 2050.
  • Extreme climate conditions caused by climate change are reducing agricultural productivity
  • The global use of chemicals is a hazard both for our health and our environment
  • Poor nutrition – even in developed countries – is one of the leading causes of death

For Hungary, organic agriculture is one of the greatest opportunities to refresh the national agricultural and food industry and to achieve sustainability.

In order to maintain the dynamic growth of organic agriculture, it is essential to lay the foundations through scientific research and strategic market development.


Our principles

  • Authenticity
  • Participation-based research
  • Practice-orientation
  • Effective knowledge transfer

Our main fields of activity

Cutting edge research

Our research focuses on topics that can bring significant and novel results for organic food production. Our participation in international research projects allows us to channel Hungarian organic farmers into the international circulation of agriculture.

Our research

Participation-based on-farm research network

The on-farm research network is a system of innovative experiments carried out on Hungarian organic farms. The heart and soul of this network is cooperation. By performing our experiments and discussing their results, we create close relationships between farmers, researchers, processors and wider society, so we can act together to create a healthy and sustainable future.

On-Farm network

Personalized services

By providing advice on organic agriculture, we offer personalized support for farmers, while our research services help companies achieve their development goals. Our comprehensive evaluation method for sustainability (SMART) helps companies in the food industry get better insights into the environmental, social and economic performance of their basic material production and to make these processes more sustainable.

Knowledge sharing and representation

Authentic and accurate communication is indispensable when disseminating knowledge about scientific research results to a broader public and when implementing these results in practice. We ensure the flow of information within the sector with professional conferences, courses and workshops, at which we discuss issues related to policies and advocacy in addition to specific questions on cultivation technologies.

Our partners

Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau

FiBL is one of the leading institutions in research related to the sustainability of organic agriculture. ÖMKi is the member of the FiBL group.

International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM)

IFOAM is an international umbrella organization of the organic agricultural movement, with over 750 member organizations in 116 countries.

Hungarian National Rural Network (Magyar Nemzeti Vidéki Hálózat, MNVH)

The aim of the MNVH is to organize an information and cooperation network of organizations involved in rural development and to harmonize their activities.


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