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A Soil Deal for Europe - PREPSOIL

Funding: Funded by the European Commission, Horizon Europe programme

Coordinator: Coordinated by Aarhus Universit

Time period: July. 2022 - June. 2025.

Consortium partners: PREPSOIL project is supported by 18 partners, including the EC Joint Research Centre, representing 12 EU Member States and Associated Countries.

PREPSOIL to facilitate deployment of ‘A Soil Deal for Europe’ Mission across European regions by raising awareness and knowledge on soil health    

The Mission: ‘A Soil Deal for Europe’ (European Commission) states that the lack of knowledge and awareness of the importance of long-term soil health for different stakeholders - land managers, industries, consumers and the larger society in general – is a major driver of soil degradation affecting its capacity to provide ecosystem services.

No systemic change in soil and land management can happen while there is a lack of literacy across all sectors of society and insufficient communication and engagement between communities for joint action. Consequently, PREPSOIL will act as a spearhead for the implementation of the Mission by providing the adequate tools, knowledge, and spaces for its roll-out, answering specific stakeholder needs, and being imbricated across regions and levels of governance.

Raising awareness and knowledge on soil health will assist in a successful Mission deployment in two ways:

  • more people will identify themselves as soil stewards, and

  • managers and authorities will have the necessary knowledge to improve practice and implement effective actions.

PREPSOIL mission on healthy soils is focused on three key impact pathways: improve the knowledge-base and access to critical information for land managers on soil health; establish an overview of soil needs and status regarding monitoring Living Labs (LLs) and Light Houses (LHs); increase soil literacy and awareness to citizens and society at large, through education, dissemination and access to information.

The 11 objectives of PREPSOIL are:

The main objective of the PREPSOIL project is to facilitate the deployment of the Mission across European regions, achieved through the co-creation and rollout of tools and spaces for interaction, knowledge-sharing, co-learning, and stocktaking and dialogue to understand how regional ‘soil needs’ assessment, supported by harmonised monitoring mechanisms, can then lead to action in LLs and LHs for soil health. These activities support the rollout of the Mission during its first 3 years (2022 – 2025).

  • To set up stakeholder management and policy support tools at regional, national, and EU level
  • Organise the expansion of EJP SOIL Hubs to broader Soil Health National Hubs
  • To evaluate soil needs in regions of Europe
  • Define model business plans for LL and LHs.
  • Map current and emerging LL and LH to promote networking and knowledge exchange
  • Develop and launch a web portal to support networking, knowledge exchange, and availability
  • Generate spaces for knowledge exchange, capacity building, and cross-regional connection
  • Connect and promote exemplary education and social initiatives, and soil ambassadors
  • Pave the way to harmonised, standardised soil monitoring and data collection across the EU
  • Explore the incorporation of EO and citizen observatories data in soil monitoring
  • Ensure the successful exploitation of the project results

  • Specification of the unique features of Living Labs and Lighthouses on soil


  • Identification and mapping of Living Labs and Lighthouses


  • Model business Plans for living labs and lighthouses


  • Service package for increased performance and accelerated maturity of LLs and LHs


  • Integrating social science


  • Raising awareness through the engagement of Communities of Practice

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