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organic agriculture   2020. June 30. News

Farm advisory services for the development of the organic agriculture sector

Members of the farm advisory network of the Hungarian Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (ÖMKi) met on 25th June.

During the event the diverse activities of the research institute were presented, and the advisors were informed about those national and EU level projects, which could help their work. The results of the Best4Soil and the ORGAN-IM projects ‒ which were introduced in detail ‒ and that of the Organic Farming Knowledge Base can be well utilized during professional advisory activities, while the i2connect project dealing with innovation based interactive professional consultancy is open for the specialists for future joining.

In the research programmes developing useful practical knowledge and methods for the farmers ‒ that is virtually concerning all the activities of ÖMKi ‒ professional advisors act as multipliers, having an important role in exploitation of results, this way helping to make Hungarian farming practices more sustainable. Close and confidential relationship with the farmers, development based on cooperation and the credible sharing and transfer of professional knowledge are essential within this process, which can be carried out primarily through the contribution of the farm advisors. The importance of participatory research and innovation is expected to increase in the rural development programmes in the next years, and farm advisory networks will have a crucial role in this process.

What is worth to know about projects supporting the work of the professional advisors?

Best4Soil is a network of specialists aiming to transfer knowledge related to the prevention and the solving of soil related pests problems focusing on rules of designing crop rotations, organic matter and cover crop use. It also shows techniques of soil disinfection without use of chemicals. The knowledge base of the project is also available in Hungarian:

i2connect is a project primarily supporting the networking of professional advisors working in the fields of agriculture and forestry, and enhancing their participation in interactive information processes besides developing their competences. For more information on the project, please visit


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