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2021. February 19.

NewsThe Hungarian Expert Group of the GO-GRASS project has been established

The last December, our expert group for the implementation of the GO-GRASS project in Hungary was established, in the form of an online workshop.

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2021. February 10.

Landrace tomato varieties among the Highlights of Hungary

Of the nearly 370,000 flowering plant species worldwide, only 200 are used for food production, and of these 200 plant species, just nine account for more than half of global crop production.

ömki, organic farming, organic agriculture, landraces, landrace tomatoes, organic tomato

2021. February 1.

Hungary's Research Institute of Organic Agriculture has a key role to play in future agriculture development

Furthering our research and advisory role, we will continue to disseminate best practice for Hungarian agro-ecology into 2021. Plans have been given a major boost by the induction of our On-farm research network into the European Network of Live Laboratories (ENoLL) last year.

ömki, on-farm, organic farming, organic food, organic agriculture, living lab, agroecology, enoll

2021. January 28.

ÖMKi On-Farm Living Lab

ÖMKi's on-farm research network was awarded the title of "living laboratory" on September 4, 2020 - officially called the ÖMKi On-Farm Living Lab - and thus became a member of the European Network of Living Labs – (ENoLL).

2021. January 20.

ÖMKi landrace tomato seedlings are among the Highlights of Hungary

We feature among the Highlights of Hungary

ömki, organic farming, organic food, landraces, tomatoes, landrace tomatoes, tomato seedlings, organic tomato, organic agriculture in hungary

2020. December 28.

Our organic potatoes research in pictures: photo series and report from the last twelve months

Much of our spring and summer fieldwork was related to potatoes.

solace, organic farming, organic food, organic agriculture, organic potatoes, potato growing



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