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New participatory research on soil health in the Homokhátság (Sand Ridge, Central Hungary)

A new collaborative research project focusing on soil health in the Homokhátság (Sand Ridge) region was launched in form of a workshop on September 21st at Kujáni Farm in Kecskemét. This workshop served as the basis for ÖMKi’s new Living Laboratory as part of the Climate Farm Demo project, where ÖMKi researchers teamed up with local farmers, advisory services, NGOs, and other stakeholders. The purpose of the workshop was to co-create and collectively define the direction and key areas for future soil health research based on the stakeholders’ interests and needs. The ultimate goal is to establish a national research project in the Homokhátság, utilizing the Living Lab methodology, to develop specialized technologies and practices for soil conservation in the region.

soil protection, soil health, Climate Farm Demo, workshop



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