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2019. June 25. Oldal

Research with the participation of Hungarian farmers

The ÖMKi on-farm research network is a system of innovative experiments carried out on Hungarian organic farms. It was established in 2012 and since then, the number of participants has been increasing continuously. This is the first research network in Hungary that is based on the active participation of farmers: the topics of our simple experiments carried out under realistic conditions are determined together with the farmers.

ömki, organic farming, organic food, organic agriculture, sustainability, organic, eco, environment, on-farm research

2019. June 25. Home


2019. April 23. News

Earth Day 2019

Rare tomato varieties have been released from the gene bank and been donated to the largest urban community garden in Hungary.

tomatoes, community gardens, sustainable agriculture, sustainability, sustainable, local production, organic farming

2019. April 18. News

Milestone towards more sustainable hungarian agriculture

The area of certified organic land will increase by nearly 90,000 hectares in Hungary because outstanding demand has led the Ministry of Agriculture to triple the planned budget for organic subsidies to HUF 36 billion (ca. EUR 120 million). The Hungarian Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (ÖMKi) also lobbied hard for this increase. The press conference organized on 18th April by ÖMKi reflected on the new decision, and how organic agriculture should develop in the future.

agriculture, organic farming, ecology, organic, sustainable, Hungarian agriculture, sustainability

2019. June 17. News

Organic farming in practice

Nutrient management on organic arable land

organic economy, organic farming, ecological methods, agriculture, Hungarian agriculture, sustainability, sustainable

2019. May 27. News

LIVESEED annual meeting – importance of organic seed

Two weeks ago we attended the annual project meeting of the LIVESEED Horizon 2020 project in Żelechów (Poland).

on-farm, seeds, organic, sustainability, sustainable, organic agriculture, organic farming, LIVESEED

2019. May 22. News

Genetic diversity not genetic engineering!

22nd May is the international day of biodiversity.

organic farming, Hungarian agriculture, sustainability, sustainable, genetics, biodiversity, LIVESEED, landrace tomatoes

2019. August 8. Further research

Comparison of regional tomato varieties

organic farming, organic food, organic agriculture, sustainability, organic, eco, landscape, tomatoes, organic research, landrace tomatoes



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