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2019. April 8. News

Our research made understandable: Have you ever seen potato seed?

Because in our country is rare to see them, as we usually plant potato tubers in mid-April.

potatoes, seeds, organic farming, ecology, organic, climate change

2019. July 22. News

Looking for a way out of the potato crisis

The SolACE project of the Hungarian Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (ÖMKi) is helping potato producers to prepare for the impacts of climate change.

solace, potatoes, potato growing, climate change, innovation

2019. May 2. News

Our research made understandable: robust tubers!

For plants to develop properly they need the following three main nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. 

potatoes, research, biocontrol, organic farming, Hungarian agriculture

2019. August 8. Further research

Potato cultivation experiments

2019. September 13. News

Our research made understandable: We have harvested the potatoes of our work

We achieved one of the major milestones of our SolACE project in the last two weeks as we managed to harvest our small plot potato experiments. We collected almost three tonnes of potatoes from the fields in sacks, which means we can now record the data and analyze it. As we have already reported, we tested various potato genotypes, microbial inoculums and crop rotation enriched with soybeans in the Organic Farming Section of the Soroksár Experimental and Educational Farm of the Szent István University. Our aim was to enhance the combined stress resistance of the plants. In the coming weeks, we will see how the methods we used increased the quantity and the quality of the yield under conditions with sub-optimal water and nutrient inputs.

ömki, solace, potatoes, climate change, ecology, soil, ecological

2021. June 17. News

Growing potatoes from seedlings and our other organic potato experiments

Our organic potato growing experiments within the framework of our SolACE project have now entered their third and final year.

solace, organic potatoes, potatoes



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