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Research with the participation of Hungarian farmers

The ÖMKi on-farm research network is a system of innovative experiments carried out on Hungarian organic farms. It was established in 2012 and since then, the number of participants has been increasing continuously. This is the first research network in Hungary that is based on the active participation of farmers: the topics of our simple experiments carried out under realistic conditions are determined together with the farmers.

Completed on-farm researches

On-farm beekeeping research network

Today the honeybee parasite Varroa mite (Varroa destructor) causes the most serious economic damages to beekeepers. Varroa mite directly interferes into the life of bee colonies by feeding on the body fluid of bee larvae and imagos resulting in smaller, underdeveloped bees and shorter lifespan. In addition, the mite also spreads viruses, and by weakening the bee colony it makes bees susceptible to other pathogens as well. Through false orientation, robbing or the relocation of combs mites may get into new bee colonies. 

on-farm research, honeybee, varroe mite, organic honey


Hungary’s largest organic agriculture research institute presents flour from ancient grains

Emmer and einkorn landrace organic flour varieties are now on sale

on-farm research, einkorn, emmer, ancient grain, living lab



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