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2019. May 27. News

LIVESEED annual meeting – importance of organic seed

Two weeks ago we attended the annual project meeting of the LIVESEED Horizon 2020 project in Żelechów (Poland).

on-farm, seeds, organic, sustainability, sustainable, organic agriculture, organic farming, LIVESEED

2019. September 24. News

The on-farm project is moving up a level

Although the groundbreaking concept of “Living Lab”, which will lead to a paradigm shift in the field of scientific research, is to be introduced in the European Union only in the next few years, by creating the on-farm network we already started working on a similar concept in 2012. Instead of the theoretical analysis of scientific questions, we conduct practice oriented research by implementing site-specific participatory research projects in cooperation with farmers. Our on-farm project can expand further by 2023 due to the 3.4 million Euro European Union funding granted by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Hungarian National Rural Network (MNVH).

on-farm, Hungarian agriculture, sustainability, sustainable, sustainable agriculture, on-farm project

2020. May 21. News

Organic Potato Experiments - Year Two

The potato growing experiments under our SolACE project are going on for the second year. Two main experiments are taking place within the project and are being led by our researchers Orsolya Papp and Dániel Ganszky.

potato, on-farm, solace

2021. February 1. News

Hungary's Research Institute of Organic Agriculture has a key role to play in future agriculture development

Furthering our research and advisory role, we will continue to disseminate best practice for Hungarian agro-ecology into 2021. Plans have been given a major boost by the induction of our On-farm research network into the European Network of Live Laboratories (ENoLL) last year.

ömki, on-farm, organic farming, organic food, organic agriculture, living lab, agroecology, enoll



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