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2019. May 27. News

Domestic, organic, landrace and available all around the country

ÖMKi’s landrace tomato research has come to an end

landscape, organic, organic farming, organic farm, tomatoes, ecology, landrace tomatoes

2019. May 22. News

Genetic diversity not genetic engineering!

22nd May is the international day of biodiversity.

organic farming, Hungarian agriculture, sustainability, sustainable, genetics, biodiversity, LIVESEED, landrace tomatoes

2019. August 8. Further research

Comparison of regional tomato varieties

organic farming, organic food, organic agriculture, sustainability, organic, eco, landscape, tomatoes, organic research, landrace tomatoes

2019. September 2. News

Landrace varieties have their place in people’s plates

Rare tomato varieties that have been released from the gene bank were rated as outstanding by one of the most popular Hungarian gastro bloggers. Dóra Havas (author of Lila füge (Purple Fig) foodblog) emphasized the importance of spreading Hungarian landraces during the harvest organized in the “Garden Border” (Kerthatár) Community Garden of the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre (KÉK)

tomatoes, research, agricultural, household, landrace tomatoes

2020. May 14. News

You can taste variety again!

Rare landrace tomatoes from the gene bank are reconquering the gastro world

landrace, seedlings, tomato, tomato seedlings, landrace tomatoes

2020. September 21. News

Sustainable gastronomy is the future

Tomatoes released from a gene bank are paving the way for a pioneering initiative.

landrace, tomato, sustainability, healthy food, gastronomy, landrace tomatoes

2021. January 20. News

ÖMKi landrace tomato seedlings are among the Highlights of Hungary

We feature among the Highlights of Hungary

ömki, organic farming, organic food, landraces, tomatoes, landrace tomatoes, tomato seedlings, organic tomato, organic agriculture in hungary

2021. February 10. News

Landrace tomato varieties among the Highlights of Hungary

Of the nearly 370,000 flowering plant species worldwide, only 200 are used for food production, and of these 200 plant species, just nine account for more than half of global crop production.

ömki, organic farming, organic agriculture, landraces, landrace tomatoes, organic tomato



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