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2019. June 11. News

Organic food in hungarian canteens?

Organic food is being provided in public catering more and more often. And it is not in vain because we know that the most vulnerable people among us, our growing children, the ill, and the elderly are in the greatest need of a residue free diets to maintain their health or help them get healthy again.

organic, canteen, organic raw materials, organic farming, sustainable, healthy food

2019. June 25. Oldal

About Bio

2020. March 2. News

An organic apple a day keeps our gut flora okay

Not that many people know that besides being an excellent source of fibre and vitamins, apples also contain lots of beneficial microorganisms, mostly bacteria. Bacteria that we ingest when we eat raw foods can stay in our bodies for a certain amount of time, and the microbial composition of apples has a direct effect on us via our gut flora.

organic food, healthy food, fruit, apple

2020. September 2. News

Let our daily bread be healthy!

When we think of health foods, most of us picture hard-to-pronounce ingredients from distant lands. The fact is, though, the secret to healthy food often lies in the simplest of ingredients.

landrace, einkorn, emmer, bread, healthy food, ancient grain

2020. September 21. News

Sustainable gastronomy is the future

Tomatoes released from a gene bank are paving the way for a pioneering initiative.

landrace, tomato, sustainability, healthy food, gastronomy, landrace tomatoes



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