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2019. February 18. News

Quality bread for everyone!

Bread made of biodiverse ancient cereals – e.g. emmer or einkorn landraces – is incommensurable with the common industrial bread. What are the hindering factors and the supporting solutions beyond the popularity of quality healthy bread? These issues have been discussed among farmers, millers, artisan bakers and the representatives of civil and research organizations related to the product path at our first workshop held on 10th February 2019.

organic, organic food, healthy lifestyle, bread, organic grain, organic bread, health, healthy bread, environmentally conscious, eco-farmer, organic farmer

2019. August 22. News

Soul of the Bread (Kenyérlelke) festival in Hungary

It was the 5th Soul of the Bread (Kenyérlelke) festival organized this year, and although this was the first time for us to participate, we are sure that this was not the last one. 🙂

ömki, bread, einkorn, emmer, healthy bread

2019. June 20. News

Quality bread for everyone

Einkorn, spelt and emmer: the unexploited potential of ancient landrace cereals

agriculture, Hungarian agriculture, wheat, bread wheat, healthy bread



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