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2019. August 8. International projects

Organic processing - ProOrg

Selecting the best processing methods

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2020. March 9. News

Going organic is the solution

Regional summit meeting of the sector at the world's leading organic fair. The Hungarian Research Institute of Organic Agriculture organized the Central and Eastern European Section of the Biofach International Organic Food and Organic Fair for ninth time. The presenters evaluated the situation in their sector with regards to the CAP reform.

ömki, biofach, going bio, organic farming, organic products

2020. March 16. News

Alternatives to Chemical Pesticides: 24 European Research Institutes Undertake an Ambitious Roadmap

A strong demand from public authorities, agriculture professionals, and society in general, all over Europe, has spurred collaborative research in order to accelerate the agroecological transition.

ömki, inrae, chemical-free agriculture, research institute, research, chemical-free

2020. July 28. News

With or without copper?

First results of the RELACS project experiments in Hungary on substituting copper in plant protection.

ömki, organic, plant protection, pesticide, organic plant protection, grape, viticulture, copper, relacs

2020. August 17. News

Hungary is in a strong position on our way to a green Europe

Dr. Dóra Drexler, director of ÖMKi, is now Board Member of IFOAM Organics Europe, a major representative body of the organic sector in Europe.

ömki, green deal, CAP, farm to fork strategy, IFOAM organics europe

2020. December 1. News

Build your own - Smart Insect Trap

In order to remotely monitor the gradation of pests in fruit plantations, a cost effective solution was developed by farm advisors themselves, combing simple mobile device - cheap and second hand android smart phones - and open source web technology.

ömki, organic agriculture, organic horticulture, organic farming hungary, viticulture, i2connect, insect trap

2020. December 17. News

Choose ORGANIC! Choose local!

Outstanding Hungarian producers and produce in the service of organic farming

ömki, organic farming, organic food, organic agriculture, organic soy, organic winery, organic vegetable

2021. January 20. News

ÖMKi landrace tomato seedlings are among the Highlights of Hungary

We feature among the Highlights of Hungary

ömki, organic farming, organic food, landraces, tomatoes, landrace tomatoes, tomato seedlings, organic tomato, organic agriculture in hungary



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