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International projects

A Soil Deal for Europe - PREPSOIL

PREPSOIL to facilitate deployment of ‘A Soil Deal for Europe’ Mission across European regions by raising awareness and knowledge on soil health    

ömki, soil protection, sustainable, living lab, lighouse, prepsoil, soilhealth


ÖMKi: Our food supply can be made more sustainable by developing local supply chains and reducing waste

October 16 is World Food Day and World Bread Day In preparation for World Food Day, which is celebrated together with World Bread Day on 16 October, the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (ÖMKi) is promoting the consumption of healthy foods, the preservation of our food security, and the production of high-quality, local organic foods. The latest results of ÖMKi’s nationwide, small-plot winter wheat variety tests have recently been published and have the potential to further increase the proportion of wheat grown under organic cultivation on Hungary’s arable land, as well as the range of products made from organic wheat flour in domestic bakeries and on consumers' tables.

sustainable, healthy food, research, World Food Day, World Bread Day, reducing waste, local supply chains, food security, agro-food system, organic cultivation

International projects

Organic seed and plant breeding - LIVESEEDING

LIVESEEDING - Organic seed and plant breeding to promote sustainable and diverse food systems in Europe    

sustainable, organic seed, landrace, biodiversity, value chains, plant breeding, carbon-neutral, project, liveseeding, innovative business models, diverse food systems

International projects

Enabling agroecological transition in Europe- Agroecology-TRANSECT

Agroecology-TRANSECT - Trans-disciplinary approaches for systemic economic, ecological, and climate change transitions.      

sustainable, agriculture, climate change, biodiversity, project, Agroecology-TRANSECT, socio-economic resilience, transdisciplinary, co-innovation, innovation hubs



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