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2019. August 8. International projects

Organic seed - LIVESEED

The aim of this four-year EU research project is to enhance organic seed use and plant breeding, thus increasing the performance and sustainability of organic farming.

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2019. August 8. Arable research

Testing of bread wheat varieties

In Hungary, bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) is the most important cultures in cropland organic farming in terms of area covered. Hungarian breeders do not work specifically on breeding organic wheat varieties, although some of the conventionally bred varieties are considered suitable for organic cultivation. At the same time, seeds from specific organic breeding are already present on the market in neighboring countries (e.g. Austria). However, their performance in Hungary is not clear yet.

sustainability, organic, organic agriculture, climate change, healthy eating, organic food, wheat, bread wheat, organic grains, environmental protection

2019. August 8. Arable research

Analysis of glumaceous cereal species and their (landrace) varieties

ömki, eco, sustainability, ancient cereals, organic, organic agriculture, healthy eating, organic food, organic grains, cereal

2019. September 24. News

The on-farm project is moving up a level

Although the groundbreaking concept of “Living Lab”, which will lead to a paradigm shift in the field of scientific research, is to be introduced in the European Union only in the next few years, by creating the on-farm network we already started working on a similar concept in 2012. Instead of the theoretical analysis of scientific questions, we conduct practice oriented research by implementing site-specific participatory research projects in cooperation with farmers. Our on-farm project can expand further by 2023 due to the 3.4 million Euro European Union funding granted by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Hungarian National Rural Network (MNVH).

on-farm, Hungarian agriculture, sustainability, sustainable, sustainable agriculture, on-farm project

2019. September 18. News

We will miss a great opportunity, if all we do is smile as it passes us by

We are witnessing a paradigm shift. It has been proven that sustainability can go hand in hand with efficiency. Nowadays, nobody thinks that only farms that use environmentally damaging technologies can be profitable. Organic farming offers environmentally sound alternatives for every branch of agriculture – said Dr. Dóra Drexler. The director of the Hungarian Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (ÖMKi) is convinced that there is a huge development potential in organic farming, which could provide a profitable farming perspective for all.

organic farming, sustainability, eco-farming, eco-management, eco-production

2019. October 28. News

Smart organic farmers are the future

The Hungarian Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (ÖMKi) is testing digital technologies for sake of sustainable agriculture

agriculture, agricultural technology, organic farming, sustainability, sustainable, industrial revolution

2019. October 28. News

We know that organic farming alone cannot save the world, but it is still the most sustainable farming system

Recently, a new study was published in Nature Communications on the transition to organic farming and the emission of greenhouse gases, which spread fast in the international and Hungarian press.

organic farming, organic economy, sustainability, biotechnology



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