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2019. July 5. News

Rediscovery of ancient landrace cereals

“We are trying to strengthen our own cultural and professional heritage”

ömki, agriculture, ecology

2019. June 27. News

Visit at the BioSense Institute and the Krivaja d.o.o. precision farm in Serbia

On 15th May 2019 we took part in a professional day that included a farm visit in Serbia organized by the Ministry of Agriculture of Hungary and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Hungary. The main topics of the event were the digitization of agriculture and the field demonstration of precision farming. The participants included professionals who are interested in these topics.

ömki, agriculture, farming, agricultural technology, environment, organic farming

2019. June 20. News

Quality bread for everyone

Einkorn, spelt and emmer: the unexploited potential of ancient landrace cereals

agriculture, Hungarian agriculture, wheat, bread wheat, healthy bread

2019. June 17. News

Organic farming in practice

Nutrient management on organic arable land

organic economy, organic farming, ecological methods, agriculture, Hungarian agriculture, sustainability, sustainable

2019. August 8. Horticultural research

Potato cultivation experiments

2019. August 8. International projects

Organic seed - LIVESEED

The aim of this four-year EU research project is to enhance organic seed use and plant breeding, thus increasing the performance and sustainability of organic farming.

ömki, LIVESEED, seed, organic farming, eco, sustainability, organic, organic agriculture, agriculture, plant breeding

2019. September 5. News

Why is it so important to preserve diversity?

Recently, a questionnaire survey has been conducted within the project called Farmer’s Pride – focusing on the conservation of landraces – on how Hungarian people appreciate the preservation of agricultural diversity. During the survey wheat and cereal landraces were used as examples, and more age groups have been involved in the research including both people living in the countryside and city dwellers.

Diversification, agriculture, Hungarian agriculture, biological

2019. October 28. News

Smart organic farmers are the future

The Hungarian Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (ÖMKi) is testing digital technologies for sake of sustainable agriculture

agriculture, agricultural technology, organic farming, sustainability, sustainable, industrial revolution



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