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2020. August 24. Media

Green manures & cover crops for a healthy soil

The use of cover crops and green manures has some potential to control soil-borne diseases of field and horticultural crops. 

But as their immediate efficacy is lower compared to more radical methods, such as chemical soil disinfestation or heat treatments, they have to be used in a more preventive and strategic manner. Which are these methods? Watch the Best4Soil video below.

Read the factsheet to know more about nematode-resistant cover crops and also fast growing species which can help in weed control:

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Healthy soils will play an essential role in the future in European horticultural and arable crop cultivation.

2020. September 9.

Green Manures & Cover Crops– Advantages & Disadvantages

Cover crops and green manures have multiple positive effects on the soil health.

2020. October 11.

Compost practical informations

This Best4Soil video tells you about the general definition of compost, as well as the types of compost.

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