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Comparison of regional tomato varieties

Primary goal of the research

  • To compare regional varieties that were grown before professional plant breeding. These varieties are the result of long-term selection by our ancestors who inhabited and shaped the land. We can say that regional varieties are part of our agricultural inheritance.

Our results

  • Within our on-farm research, we investigated 35 regional tomato varieties on 28 cooperating farmsuntil 2016. Our primary goal was to explore the parameters related to agrotechnology, plant protection and nutrient content.
  • Ten selected regional tomato varieties were also investigated in small-scale field settings on two organic farms if the on-farm network (Tahitótfalu and Szigetmonostor) for three growing seasons (2015-2017).
  • We performed experiments on semi-industrial processing, and collected feedback from farmers and consumers regarding raw and processed products.
  • We defined the most optimal conditions for the organic production of these regional varieties, and we established the basis of cultivation technologies for regional tomato varieties.
  • During the research, we established successful cooperation with the Department of Organic and Sustainable Agricultural Systems(Dr. Anna Divéky-Ertsey) and the Institution for Plant Protection (Dr. Ferenc Tóth) of the Szent István University. We also connected with relevant operators on the product path.
  • These experiments were the basis of two doctoral dissertations and many theses.
  • In cooperation the with the supermarket chain, Lidl, the Máriapócs, Gyöngyös and Mátrafüred regional tomato varieties became available in the shops in May 2019.

Contact person

Orsolya Papp

Leading researcher

Horticulturist, MSc
+36 20 321 7014

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Rare tomato varieties have been released from the gene bank and been donated to the largest urban community garden in Hungary.

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Domestic, organic, landrace and available all around the country

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