Name Title
Alena Lukács Decrease of water demand using symbionts: application of drought tolerance helper mycorrhizal and rootendpohytic fingi in organic agriculture (Eötvös Loránd University, Department of Plant Anatomy)
Éva Tamás Development of soil fertilizer bionoculant based on organic matter mobilizing bacterial strains ( Sapienta University, Department of Bioengineering)
Ibolya Demeter The Effect of organic conventional farming on the quantity and quality of organic matter and on some oil microbail characteristics of sandy soils int he Nyírség region (Szent István University, Doctoral School of Biological Sciences)
Dr. Zoltán Pap Increasing the efficiency of organic fertilizer pellets by usage of microbial products and planrs extracts (Corvinus University of Budapest, Department of Vegetable and Mushroomgrowing)
Dr. András Geösel Experiments on reducing chemicals in mushroom production (Corvinus University of Budapest, Department of Vegetable and Mushroom Growing)
Gerda Jónász Collaborative supply chain initiatives, a strategic challenge for the Hungarian organic agricultural sector (University of Szeged, Institute os Economics and Economic Development)