Practical studies

One prerequisites for successful practical and useful research is situating the location and subject on a farm, under realistic conditions. The „On-farm” expression refers to this non-abstract manner: the subject is not studied on small plots under strictly controlled conditions „somewhere else” but on a real farm and fit into the existing farmwork determined by the farmer, the enterprise and products produced.

To make this happen, we are looking for committed, curious and, primarily, certified organic farmers who can  – with our help– actively take join in our practical research and therefore, development of Hungarian organic agriculture. Experiments are needed across the wide range of domestic organic agriculture, in: horticulture, vegetable production, herb production, crop production, animal husbandry and even processing and marketing of products.

We want to present the results of on-farm studies at professional programmes and in practical publications: thus the experiences will be accessible for many farmers who can use them in order to make their production more successful.

By participating in our projects, everybody can contribute to development of Hungarian organic farming and effectively and practically help organic farmers whose competitiveness will be increased. We will discover and establish state of the art, new technologies that will further strengthen Hungarian organic agriculture.

General advantages of on-farm studies for you

  • Be a member of a professional activity and network unique in Hungary;
  • Significant results from joint work and little investment;
  • We offer technical advice and professional information for establishing, running and evaluating the studies – our colleagues can visit the location if needed;
  • We offer publications containing state of the art methods based on the most current scientific results and information;
  • With help of joint results, one can maximize investments in the production process, try out new methods and competitiveness of the farm can be enhanced by innovations;
  • Members will be informed about our professional programmes where one can present his/her farm and products;
  • We offer firsthand access to results of on-farm studies;
  • All partners of on-farm network are listed on the website of ÖMKi;
  • We would like to help all members of our network in establishing and developing their marketing channels;
  • Concentration of forces within the network and the results of the studies enhance the competitiveness of Hungarian organic sector and, indirectly, it is also useful for nature and environment protection.