b_200_150_16777215_00_images_stories_cikkek_biofach171.jpgThe world’s largest annually organized organic trade fair, BIOFACH, took place February 15-18. Hailing from 88 countries, 2,785 exhibitors welcomed more than 50,000 interested visitors. Germany, dubbed country of the year, inspired the international bio-sector with its moto: “the spirit of innovation and responsibility”, as well as bringing special pavilions and atmosphere to the buzzing fair.

ÖMKi organized the sixth Central and East European organic branch section, for which this year’s main theme was the possibilities of acquisitions from the region’s countries. The presentations began with Ukranian Agricultural Policy and Food Ministry’s vice-minister, Olga Trofimtseva, followed by Michal Rzytki from Poland’s Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry, Andrea Hrabalová from the Czech Bioinstitut, Toralf Richter of FiBL Ukraine’s organic marketing development project team, who was then followed by Dóra Dexler from ÖMKi. The event was moderated by the Swiss president of FiBL, Prof. Dr. Urs Niggli. The more than 40 international people in the audience showed great interest in the region’s organic farming development and market possibilities. The summary of the presentations in English can be downloaded here. The slides of the presentations can be accessed here: CZ, UA, HU, PL

FiBL and IFOAM EU again produced a common publication this year, a volume that contained global statistics on organic farming. Follow this link to download the publication: The world of organic agriculture. The work shows how the European market for organic goods grew by 13% in 2015. Land devoted to organic growing also grew – albeit proportionately less than the market growth – in the European Union: agricultural land devoted to organic production was 6.2% of the total. The largest proportion of land-use for organic production by country was once again Lichtenstein (30.2%), Austria (21.3%) and Sweden (16.9%).

Hungarian exhibitors were more numerous than ever before and their displays were more attractive than in past exhibitions. AMC organized the event, with 16 Hungarian companies participating in the community booth. Just a few of the Hungarian organic products worth mentioning are organic mushrooms, millet ball products, pasta, herbs, fruit juice and cold-pressed oils. The palette is fortunately becoming more colorful!

The next BIOFACH will take place on February 14-17, 2018.