b_200_150_16777215_00_images_stories_cikkek_aa.jpgOn 24th of September, chefs of the Hungarian Gastronomy Association (MGE) tasted seven items (Balatoni Rózsa, Bettina, Big Rossa, Chérie, Démon, Hópehely, Tiamo) of the 2014 harvest of the organic potato variety trials. The palette was widened by two additional species of the Keszthely Potato Research Centre (Somogyi Kifli, White Lady conventional cultivation) and Csaba Salamon also ran a breed (called Porvai Kék) from his own garden. The result is encouraging. According to MGE’s founder, Tamás B. Molnár, the category winners touch on the world standards. Especially interesting was, that the Somogyi Kifli, recorded as type 'A'- potato for salad - achieved rating among the fried samples. The winners are:



- I. Démon

- I. Hópehely

- II. Hópehely

- II. Démon

- III. White Lady

- III. Somogyi kifli

Between the first two finishers here the race was very close.