On  the  8th of  February,  2013  a  meeting  was  organised  by ÖMKi  for  organic  producers,  product  traders,  certifier organisations  and  others  interested  in  organic  farming.  The  mayor of the venue  settlement Nagydorog  also attended the meeting.  The  Research  Institute  for  Medicinal  Plants  was represented  in  the  conference  too  as  the  subregion, Nagydorog has a long history of herbal culture. Mihály Földi, colleague of ÖMKi, introduced our activities and results from on-farm research  of arable farming. István Barta from  the  Ministry of Rural Department presented important information about establishing and managing  producer  organisations.  A  discussion  between  the  farmers  and  members  of  ÖMKi about the opportunities of grouping started after the presentations. Product representatives inattendance  also  joined  the  conversation  about  the  questions  of  logistics  and  production planning.

Considering  the  fact  that  this  year  is  the  last  one  in  the  period  of  the  New  Hungary  Rural Development Programme (ÚMVP) framework, where production groups can apply for financial support, an increased interest was shown in the event and a continuation of the event series has been demanded. The next location will likely be in Southern Hungary.